Sustainability and social responsibility are key to ABC Nutrition’s business and embedded into our lead for growth. Our mission is to produce premium products and continually promote the ingredients we use in our products as being produced in the most sustainable fashion possible with our combined ethos rooted deep in our rural local community. ABC Nutrition has been privileged to be a part of the Origin Green Sustainability programme and we aim to be a vital member of this programme.


Our suppliers under Dairy Schemes, SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange) members and ISO14001, an internationally recognised environmental management standard make up a large proportion of our key ingredients supply. We aim to source as much dairy ingredients as possible from Irish dairies to help with the sustainability of rural populations and general environment. Irish dairy farmers operate predominantly grass based dairy production systems which is a major slump for CO2 production. The overall green imagery and sustainability of Irish dairy production gives ABC Nutritionals a progressive position at international level in an already extremely competitive marketplace.


Currently ABC Nutrition have zero waste going towards landfill. We aim to maintain this goal while additionally reducing our general waste by 2% each year. Recyclability of our packaging is also a major driver for sustainability. We use recyclable material wherever possible in manufacturing, but we aim to bring this further in our finished goods outputs with the introduction of increased recyclable packaging.


With already 35% of our energy currently being produced from renewable sources. ABC Nutrition Ltd aim to have a cumulative reduction of energy usage by 10% by 2024.

ABC Nutritionals

ABC Nutrition are committed to supporting customers in the creation of healthier more nutritious products with special focus on the convenience markets who are often a driver in unhealthy lifestyles, with the introduction & increase sale of high protein healthy snacking products.


ABC Nutitionals are very conscious of social and employee responsibility and have partaken in many initiatives in our rural locality since founding of the company and will continue to do so. This is under constant review to enable all community schemes are considered under the current climate. 

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